Victoria Fox

No Sudden Moves //

No Sudden Moves is TRIBE//’s newest work, currently in creation.
Stuck in a series of events that loop a world of tension and unease, choreographer Victoria Fox takes the audience into a world, where personal decisions shift and alter the consequences of actions, scenes repeat with alternate endings where groups split, spy and interrogate each other.  The music creates an atmospheric drive reminiscent of scandi-noir TV and dystopian film where the cast become powerfully charged as company through Fox’s visceral and punchy movement language to re-build future that is not based on fear.

Still I Rise 2018-2020

Highly physical, powerful, and emotive, Tribe’s debut work channels the resilient, unapologetic nature of Maya Angelou’s iconic poem

Full bodied urgency meets with a sense of fragility to create a world that simmers with tension and unrest. Driven by pounding beats and stirring classical arias, these five powerful women find freedom in constraint and, in falling down, rise again.

Virtuosic yet vulnerable, this all-female work is an empowering call to arms driven by the relentless resilience of the human spirit.

“Tender, sensuous and exquisite” Anna Mortimer

“A contemporary dance company that packs some punch”

 “visceral, persistent and driven by a physicality that seeks to both free and empower” Rachel Elderkin

Victoria Fox

No Sudden Moves zeros in on our need to rebuild and reconnect amidst chaos and distraction. Reacting to turbulent times and danced with a daring full-bodied and gutsy power, Fox’s diverse cast of four dancers articulate her emotive dance language with tenderness, held aloft by a rich electronic cinematic soundscape peeling back the layers to refind each other thrown together to restore and regenerate


a function word to express the negative of an alternative choice or possibility


happening or coming unexpectedly, marked by or manifesting abruptness or haste


the turn of a player to move, an agile or deceptive action