visceral and fearless, this is uncommonly intelligent work

Kate Larsen


TRIBE// a new UK company creating visceral, raw and punchy dance. Movement driven emotive work, from a bold new choreographic voice Victoria Fox.

Brighton based TRIBE// was establish in 2016 to create and tour original Contemporary Dance works, quickly gaining a reputation for a gutsy emotive and visceral choreographic style with a striking visual aesthetic.  Choreographer Victoria Fox strives to create performances that are relevant to her audience by being both socially aware and astute, creating movement that speaks and connects, drawing from her 19 years professional experience as a dancer, with international and world renowned companies.

Fox creates a virtuosic play between the dynamic articulate movement with full bodied urgency to sensitive partnering with an underlying and real human connection.  Coupled with the cinematic sound scores that create an exciting yet ultimately moving experience that is suggestive of the our human viciousness and vulnerability.

TRIBE// creates movement and physical partnering work that incorporates an equality agenda. There is an open attitude and interest in using the body’s full potential and unique movement capabilities, which has inspired Victoria to work with a diverse range of people and performers.

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  • " visceral and fearless, this is uncommonly intelligent work "
    Kate Larsen
  • A contemporary dance company that packs some punch
    Culturised Magazine
  • Rising from Maya Angelou’s poetry, the choreography piece by Victoria Fox writes powerful movement in an energetic flow making sure to leave a trace in space and in the audience eyes. Constant changes of dynamics stream down the dancers’ bodies, it is refreshing to see how each dancer stands out with their own unique artistic identity. They will mesmerize you either if its with a glance of their eyes, the fluency of their movement or an unexpected expressive gesture. These dancers irradiate confidence mixed with strength, anger and attitude; it’s a fight between vulnerability and power, a rose that has spikes, women -who fall but no one will stop them from rising
    Carolina Alves Carloto
  • " packed with both physical invention and emotional intensity "
    Sanjay Roy
  • " this expressive choreographer certainly has the movement vocabulary to steer Fight or Flight away from any clichés "
    Libby Costello