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The ‘Still I Rise’ resource pack has been written in collaboration with experienced dance teachers. The pack provides teachers with clearly presented, detailed information that is ready to deliver to pupils, with all sections visited and suggestions for practical tasks to enhance learning.

The ‘Still I Rise’ resource pack has been developed by Tribe// to give a invaluable insight into the piece with personal insights from Victoria and the dancers.

The resource pack includes:
• A link to the Full length work ‘Still I Rise’ on Vimeo
• An interview with Victoria Fox on the intensions and processes of creating the piece.
• A detailed breakdown of each section with a clear link to the choreographic intention.
• Ideas for practical choreographic tasks to help dancers appreciate the piece as well as developing their choreographic skills and creativity.
• Insights from the choreographer and dancers to help students understand the choreographic process and the skills needed to perform the piece.
• Images from the piece.
• Reviews of the work.
• A Tribe playlist of tracks the Company use for class and beyond.

Cost: £15 per pack
This pack is all sent electronically.

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