Always moving, always on the go from a young age Victoria Fox channels her energy in to being a performer, choreographer, movement director, teacher and mother of 3.  Inspired by allowing movement to speak and connect, to find physical freedom to unleashing the body to music and speak your own truth drives her work forward.

She draws upon and uses her diverse experience from the past 22 years working with performing and touring nationally and internationally with companies such as Jasmin Vardimon, CandoCo Dance Company, Fin Walker, Athina Valha, Yael Flexer, Charlotte Vincent, Paraorchestra, Caroline Bowditch and Silesian Dance Theatre (Poland)

Choreographer for award winning TVP1 documentary ‘Bobrek Dance’ (Poland) a Place Prize choreographer Semi Finalist in 2008. She was awarded Tony Savva Fund from Swindon Dance 2019-21 and currently an In House Artist at Brighton Dome and Brighton Festival 21/22.

Victoria has been commissioned and created works for professionals, conservatoires, graduates  youth and community projects in the UK and internationally from Poland and Barbados.

Fox created Brighton based company TRIBE// in 2016, it creates physical, raw movement driven dance works, for theatre, film, outdoor performance and digital installation.  working from and artist centred ethos, where performers draw upon there unique movement yet become a powerfully changed collective as a company.

It has quickly gained a reputation for its visceral, articulate choreographic style and emotional drive, letting the movement and music speak and connect to an audience.

TRIBE// toured throughout the UK with its debut work,  it was a sold-out highlight of Brighton Festival 2019, selected to perform at  Surf the wave UK showcase and currently company in residence at Worthing Theatre.

A wide ranging open educational programme runs alongside supporting next generation of dance artists with workshops, classes and mentoring.

Currently touring this summer with RISE, new outdoor work for 4 ifemale dancers co-commissioned by Hatfair and Waterman’s Theatre.

“I thrive on movement that speaks to its audience, a physical and tangible experince  on a human level without pretence that every boby can draw from.  Its my way as a Nuerodivergent artist to connect and express, to feel, to interoperate and discuss the world around me, using movement and performance as a voice”



Linzi Whitton

Dancers //

TRIBE// has had the privilege to work with

2021 RISE: Alethia Antonia, Chelsea Gordon, Finetta Mikolajska, Yanki Yau, Paulina Porwollik, Gabby Sanders, Maia Faulkner


2019-20Still I Rise tour: Caterina Grosoli, Finetta Mikolajska, Kassichana Okene-Jameson, Yukiko Masui, Lucija Romanova

2019 No Sudden Moves Duet: Micheal Kelland and Lucija Romanova

2018-19 No Sudden Move R and D: Folu Odimayo, Lewis Cooke, Rose Sall-Sao, Finetta Mikolajska, Ruth Valensi, Malena Becker-Nielson, Jacob Roberts.

Still I Rise Tour 2018-19: Caterina Grosoli, Finetta Mikolajska, Wai Shan Vivian Luk, Rose Sall Sao, Kassichana Okene-Jameson




The Holding Space Film and Installation: Alethia Antonia and Michaeal Kelland