TRIBE’S // work aims to be flexible for promoters and theatres. The work can exist in a traditional theatrical format but alternative packages mean the work can be adapted for different contexts, spaces, audiences and budgets – a five piece, a trio or duet etc.

Tech requirements aim to be basic and supplemented by our own portable lights.

Still I rise //

A piece for 5 daring female dancers, raw and energetic dance is combined with instinctual physicality, emotive movement and cinematic scenes. A journey begins of simmering unison, stunning partnering work and tender solos all performed with a gut wrenching power.

Pounding rhythms and a haunting cello drive the movement and creates an intense, stark world where hope dies last….. falling down, gathering up, breathing, we let go, we claim back the space together… we rise.

Inspiration drawn from the poem by Maya Angelou. It’s powerful and defiant words have an ability to resonate with many people, in many different situations or places in our lives, of struggle and rising up from it, which feels ever more appropriate in our current unsettled world.

CHOREOGRAPHY // Victoria Fox Markiewicz
DANCED AND DEVISED BY // Luk Wai Shan, Esther Verlaque, Finetta Mikolajski, KJ Lawson and Sophie Arstall, Daisy Caulty
ORIGINAL MUSIC // Jacek Laton and Wojtek Markiewicz
FILM // Roarke Pearce
PHOTOS // Harry Caulty
R&D supported by Arts Council England Grants for the Arts
Generous support in Kind Brighton Dome.

  • A contemporary dance company that packs some punch
    Culturised Magazine
  • Rising from Maya Angelou’s poetry, the choreography piece by Victoria Fox writes powerful movement in an energetic flow making sure to leave a trace in space and in the audience eyes. Constant changes of dynamics stream down the dancers’ bodies, it is refreshing to see how each dancer stands out with their own unique artistic identity. They will mesmerize you either if its with a glance of their eyes, the fluency of their movement or an unexpected expressive gesture. These dancers irradiate confidence mixed with strength, anger and attitude; it’s a fight between vulnerability and power, a rose that has spikes, women -who fall but no one will stop them from rising
    Carolina Alves Carloto
  • " packed with both physical invention and emotional intensity "
    Sanjay Roy

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